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Retinol 411

How long should I wait between application of skincare products?

The key concept here is understanding what ingredients you’re using. Most products can be layered seamlessly without waiting. 

  • After cleansing right after skin is washed the pores are open and products are absorbed more deeply. 

  • When using retinol after cleansing it’s important to wait until skin is dry, approximately 5-10 minutes, to prevent excess irritation and skin dryness/flaking that can occur when product is applied on damp skin.

My skin is flaking or irritated from overuse of retinol

  • Everyone reacts differently to retinol. Overusing retinol may cause dryness, redness or flaking. The first step is to take a day off of retinol. In addition, using a proper moisturizer and hydration booster to nourish and rebalance. (link heavy cream)( link hydration booster) 

  • Once sensitivity has subsided transition to using retinol 1-2 times a week and gradually increase to find a nice balance that works for you. A tip to prevent sensitivity is sandwiching retinol serum in between a moisturizer instead of putting directly on top of your skin.  

Should I use retinol on my neck and chest?

Retinol can be used cautiously on the neck and chest but start slowly. Dilute the retinol with a moisturizer using twice weekly. Other nights use the peptide neck cream. (Link both)

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