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What to do when breaking out from a product?

We genetically all have different pore sizes, different propensity for pigmentation, different sensitivity to products and responses to certain ingredients. Therefore, no two people will respond to exactly the same regimen or skincare routine.


General Information:

When starting a new product, it is recommended to patch test products on a small area such as the side of the neck or inner arm. Using any potent actives, you run a small risk of irritation. Testing a product will ensure if this product is right for you. When suffering a breakout from a product, it's best to back away from any actives and stick to gentle products such as moisturizers and sunscreens. Once your skin resolves to normal, you can patch test the product again to see if it works for you. To build up tolerance to a product, you can apply it and wash it off after several minutes. Continue this until your skin can tolerate the product without washing it off. You can also layer the product over a moisturizer. This can act as a barrier between the product and your skin.



The retinol purging stage is temporary. Remember less is more. Overusing retinoids can strip the skin which can cause flakiness and irritation. The most important thing is to reinforce the skin barrier with a hydrating moisturizer (tag sooth and recovery)

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